"Ain't That Just The Way" / "The Reverend Bob"

Playboy Records P-6056

7" single, released in 1976.
"Ain't That Just The Way", produced and co-written by Stu Phillips,
is also included on the album Playboy Records Artists
from 1977, and the song was also re-recorded in a
different version, as the title track on Barbi's fourth album.

In 1976 "Ain't that just the way" was sung by Barbi in
an episode of "McCloud", called "Park Avenue Pirates".

Stu Phillips has also made me aware of the fact that Lutricia
McNeal recorded this song in 1996, and had a big hit with it!

And just recently I have been informed that the song was
also recorded by the Dutch singer Patricia Paay in 1977,
but then under the title "Poor Jeremy". This information
comes from Joop van Eijk-Slootweg in Holland. Thanks!

"The Reverend Bob" is from Barbi's second album,
Barbi Benton, from 1975, produced by Eddie Kilroy.

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