"Barbi Benton"

Playboy Records PB-406

"Barbi Benton", released in 1975.

Tracks, side 1:

  • Brass Buckles
  • Dixie Girl
  • Deadeye
  • Smile
  • Jeremy

Tracks, side 2:

  • The Reverend Bob
  • He Used To Sing To Me
  • Movie Magazine Stars In Her Eyes
  • He Looks Just Like His Daddy
  • I've Got The Music In Me

Additional information:

  • Musicians: Bobby Dyson, Larry London, Dave Kirby, Bobby Thompson, Russ Hicks, Stu Basore, Jerry Whitehurst, Buddy Spicher, Charlie McCoy.
  • Background vocals by Lea Jane Singers.
  • Producer: Eddie Kilroy.
  • Leader: Bobby Dyson.
  • Recording engineer: Tom Pick.
  • Recording technician: Roy Schokley.
  • Mastering engineer: Randy Kling.
  • Art direction & design: Gribbitt.

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