"Barbi Doll"

Playboy Records PB-404

"Barbi Doll", released in 1974.
This poster was included with the album.
This album was re-released, with a different cover,
in Sweden in 1978. Click here to see it!

Tracks, side 1:

  • The Teddy Bear Song
  • Welcome Stranger
  • Queen Of The Silver Dollar
  • Put A Little Bit On Me
  • Loving Arms

Tracks, side 2:

  • That Country Boy Of Mine
  • I Can't Touch The Sun
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep With You
  • If You Can't Do It, That's All Right
  • I Don't Know If I'll Ever Love Again

Additional information:

  • Musicians: Dave Kirby, Bobby Thompson, Johnny Kimble, Ron Oates.
  • Producer: Eddie Kilroy.
  • Leader: Bobby Dyson.
  • Recording engineer: Tom Pick.
  • Recording technician: Roy Schokley.
  • Recorded at RCA Recording Studio, Nashville.

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