"For The Love Of It"

Charles Fries Productions, Inc., 1980.
Released on video by USA Home Video in 1984,
and re-released by Fries Home Video in 1989.

"For The Love Of It - Smash comedy hits video market."

Barbara (Deborah Raffin) and Russ (Jeff Conaway) have a love/hate relationship. She's a liberated woman, who'd love to get rid of him, and he's a persistent wise guy who'd hate to lose her. But when a stolen Soviet microchip comes into their possession, this mismatched couple are in for the time of their lives! Everyone wants the microchip... The FBI, CIA, the army, and an evil toymaker called "Jim Joy" (Don Rickles)! From San Francisco to San Diego, a zany comic chase ensues. Finally, Barbara and Russ have to work together, and they find love on the run! Featuring an all-star comic cast, there hasn't been a movie like this since "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world".

Barbi, playing "Anita Carney", is only seen during the first ten minutes, and that is of course a major disappointment... But it is a fun movie!

Unrated, suitable for all ages.

Deborah Raffin
Jeff Conaway
Tom Bosley
Henry Gibson
Barbi Benton
Norman Fell
Don Rickles
William Christopher
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

Executive producer: Charles Fries

Written and produced by Stanley Ralph Ross

Directed by Hal Kanter

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