"Hospital Massacre"

aka "Be my Valentine, or else...",
aka "Ward 13", aka "X-ray"

Cannon Films, 1981.
An MGM Video Presentation.

Prepare yourself for a tour de force of terror, as one of Playboy's most beautiful cover girls becomes trapped in a nightmarish world of violence! It's Barbi Benton in a bizarre shocker - a grisly St. Valentine's Day bloodbath that'll keep you on the edge of your seet, from beginning to end!

Barbi stars as Susan Jeremy, a young executive whose recent promotion requires her to undergo a routine physical. When her boyfriend drops her off at the hospital for the results, Susan is suddenly admitted - to a blood-curdling nightmare!

Lurking in the lab is a diabolical killer who wants to play doctor with Susan - for keeps! Breathing heavily behind a surgeon's mask, the faceless psychopath demonstrates his brutal bedside manner, in one macabre murder after another. And, in a totally terrifying climax, the killer doctor's hideous motive is revealed!

This movie is rated R.

Barbi Benton
Chip Lucia
Jon Van Ness
John Warner Williams

Screenplay by Mark Behm

Produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus

Directed by Boaz Davidson

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