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My name is Per Jonsson, a Swedish guy who was a teenager during the seventies, and this site is dedicated to one of my favorite persons in the whole world, Barbi Benton. To some of you she might be mostly known for being seen in Playboy in the early seventies (and in 1985), and for being Hugh Hefner's companion for several years, and to some of you she might be known for her appearances in movies and on television. But to me, Barbi is most of all a country-style singer, whom I appreciate very much! I love her voice! So, this is mainly a tribute to Barbi Benton, the singer, even though I have included information about her movies, her Playboy issues, photos, posters, and other things from my private collection, as well. Simply click on the various links in the menu to the left!

Note that this site only shows items that I own myself, so if you feel that a record, a movie, or something else, is missing here, that only means that I don't have that item in my collection. And regarding the Playboy issues - I am not showing any nude photos at this site. I have only scanned the covers for reference purposes.

Barbi appears on ten different albums, that I know of (eight in her own name, and two various artists albums), and also on a number of singles. I have all of those albums and eleven singles in my collection. One of the ten albums is a Swedish re-release of "Barbi Doll" from 1978 (see below).

Albums in my collection:

Click on a picture to see a larger version, and to get information
about song titles, producers, and other interesting information!

"Barbi Doll" "Barbi Benton" "Something New" "Best Live in Japan" "Playboy Country,
Vol 1"

"Playboy Records
"Greatest Hits" "Ain't That Just
The Way"
"Barbi Doll" "Kinetic Voyage"

Comments: The LPs Playboy Records Artists and Greatest Hits
both have the same record number, PB-1012, which is a little odd...
Best Live in Japan and Greatest Hits are albums that were made especially
for the Japanese market, and according to some sources, the Ain't That
Just The Way
album was released only in the Scandinavian countries.
And this poster came with the LP Barbi Doll.

Singles in my collection

Click on a picture to see a larger version!

Comments: The single version of "Ain't that just the way", recorded
in 1976, differs from the album version recorded in 1978. The single
version is slightly more up-tempo, and I prefer that version myself.
The various artists album Playboy Records Artists contains the
single version of that song, plus both songs from the single with Barbi
and Mickey Gilley, and "The Teddy Bear Song" from Barbi Doll.
Click on the pictures above to get more info about each record.

In 1976 "Ain't that just the way" was sung by Barbi in
an episode of "McCloud", called "Park Avenue Pirates".

The singles Now I lay me down to sleep with you and
Roll you like a wheel are promo copies, and have the
same recording on both sides, with the difference
that one side is stereo and the other is mono.

Some facts about Barbi Benton:

Below is a list of Barbi's appearances on film, TV and theatre.

If you have a record with Barbi, or an original photo of her, that
you are willing to sell, and that is not already in my collection,
please let me know! I can pay using Visa or PayPal if the price is right!

I collect all kinds of Barbi Benton stuff, so if you have something that
you think might interest me, or if you have some additional information
about Barbi, that you feel would fit here, don't hesitate to contact me!

Tell me your story about Barbi
and/or the site in the guestbook!

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