September 1973

Cover from Cosmopolitan September 1973.

This issue of Cosmopolitan includes an extensive article
about Barbi and her relationship with Hugh Hefner, called
"Here's Barbi - Hugh Hefner's Playmate". The writer, Tom Burke,
visits Barbi twice in Hef's and her home, Tudor Manor House,
and she talks about her life with Hef, and shows off the
house and the surroundings, which includes a huge garden
or park, with lots of animals, greenhouses and tennis courts.
They have servants, butlers, gardeners, and Barbi seems to
be living a very good life. At this time Barbi was taking
singing lessons, and Hef didn't believe in her as a singer
at the time, but I think she turned out pretty well...
There are three small pictures at the beginning of the article,
showing Barbi and Hef together outside the house, but they
are rather poor in quality, so I haven't scanned them.